Jill provides full design services for construction or renovation projects.  The scope of work is tailored to meet the needs of each project, and is typically delivered in three phases: Schematic Design, Construction Documents and Construction Administration.  As a proponent of high performing buildings, Jill often works hand-in-hand with consultants and contractors in order to develop designs that utilize energy reducing strategies.


Schematic Design & Design Development

  • Define scope of work and project goals through site-visits and client meetings.
  • Complete needed documentation (as-built drawings, professional surveys, code review).
  • Provide schematic design drawings (freehand plans, sections, and 3-D sketchs) for client review.
  • Refine and develop selected design.


Construction Documents

  • Develop Construction Documents including construction drawings and specifications.
  • Coordinate and refine drawings with input from contractors and/or consultants.
  • Seek necessary permits from government agencies.


Construction Administration

  • Conduct site visits to assure compliance with the Construction Documents and resolve on-site conditions.
  • Revise Construction Documents to clarify details and respond to field conditions.
  • Review shop drawings and material orders.